Heretic’s Quest

The Heretic’s Quest  is the first series of novels I’ve ever written, and the title has a double meaning. It represents the actual novels and the adventures of the Alexi, Mary, Tristan, the Warlock, and others.  However, it also represents my personal quest for publication and the adventures I have along the way. I enjoy writing this series, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the story.  If we have not met face-to-face, hopefully our paths will cross in the future so we can talk about the story and get to know each other in person. Until then, if you’d like to support the cause further, a book review or a personal email would mean a great deal to me, and it always encourages me when people subscribe to this site or choose to contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

The Shadow Bane

Humble Scribe of the Heretic's Quest